Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative, Inc. (CABHC) is a jointly governed, not-for-profit company formed out of the collaboration among Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry Counties (the Counties) to administer and execute the HealthChoices contracts for the five member Counties and to manage the behavioral healthcare contract with the Counties’ managed care partner, PerformCare (formerly CBHNP). CABHC is under the direction of a board of directors composed of county commissioner-appointed directors, with each county designating one person representing the mental health system and one person representing the drug and alcohol system.

The primary purpose of CABHC is to assist the Counties in meeting the challenges of providing behavioral health services under HealthChoices, Pennsylvania’s mandatory Medicaid managed care program. CABHC’s mission is to ensure access to and delivery of coordinated, effectively managed, and quality mental health and substance abuse services to Medicaid recipients through Pennsylvania’s HealthChoices Program.

As part of the HealthChoices program, the Counties are required to arrange for the coverage of certain financial risks, including the solvency of the program. CABHC has secured each of the required risk instruments on behalf of the Counties, ensuring for the Counties that medical claims expenses that exceed the capitation revenue received by Pennsylvania will still be paid to providers.

The HealthChoices program promotes public-private partnerships, maximizing the public sector's experience in serving persons with serious illnesses and disabilities who often have few resources, as well as maximizing the private sector's expertise in managing behavioral health services in a managed care delivery model. PerformCare provides the day-to-day operations of a managed care entity for CABHC, including care management, medical necessity review, claims payment, complaint and grievance management, provider network development and credentialing, and quality assurance activities. CABHC provides oversight of PerformCare, participating in all operations of the program, both as partners and facilitators of initiatives for the program.

It is the responsibility of CABHC to improve the coordination of substance abuse and mental health services, including the development of specialized programs for persons with both psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. We also strive to create new integrated partnerships across child serving systems to reduce duplication and increase responsiveness to families and children, including coordination with early intervention and early childhood care and education programs.

CABHC, along with PerformCare, has implemented a quality management program that includes a continuous quality improvement process. This process includes monitoring members’ use of services to ensure that provider networks are delivering quality, accessible, and timely care. Consumers, persons in recovery, and family members have the opportunity to participate in program monitoring.

CABHC conducts performance improvement projects that are designed to achieve, through ongoing measurements and intervention, significant and sustainable improvement in clinical care and non-clinical care areas that are expected to advance positive health outcomes and member satisfaction. A quality improvement report is prepared annually for the Board and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After acceptance by the Board, this report is made available to all stakeholders and the public.