Recovery from substance abuse can be extraordinarily difficult, requiring dedication and persistence to make changes in every aspect of one's life. Making these changes can be particularly difficult for those stepping down from inpatient rehabilitation or halfway house services. All too often, these individuals find themselves returning to homes and neighborhoods overflowing with old triggers and memories of substance abuse. Although a local network of "Recovery Houses" exists to provide living environments that reinforce recovery for these individuals, many who are just stepping down from rehabilitation cannot afford initial costs to move into these homes.

CABHC's Substance Abuse (SA) Supportive Housing Program provides scholarships to individuals from Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry Counties who require financial assistance to enter a Recovery House as part of their journey of recovery from substance abuse. CABHC can provide scholarships to fund up to two (2) months' rent (not to exceed $300/month) for persons who qualify for this program to move into a Recovery House that participates with this program.

To assure certain standards of quality, Recovery Houses interested in serving those individuals receiving scholarships from this program must submit a written application and complete a site visit conducted by CABHC staff. A directory of approved Recovery House facilities is distributed on a regular basis to all PerformCare Network Providers that render hospital and non-hospital Rehab and Halfway House services, as well as to SCA and MH case managers and other service providers who might need to access this service for persons who meet the eligibility qualifications.

Further questions and/or clarifications regarding the project may be directed to:
LeeAnn Fackler
Drug & Alcohol Specialist
717-671-7190 x109