Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Depending on the topic, trainings are either posted here to view, or you can access trainings via the websites listed.

Peer Support and Recovery Trainings

For information on State-certified Peer Support and Recovery Trainings in Pennsylvania, please visit the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition website.

Resiliency through Relationship: Understanding and Responding to ACEs

Presented by Tara Byers, MS, NCC, LPC, ACS
Experiences of neglect, abuse and household dysfunction, referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) significantly impact every aspect of human development – physical, neurological, psychological and social. Unfortunately, ACEs are common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 61% of adults, in the United States, have experienced 1 ACE and 1 in 6 individuals have experienced 4 or more ACEs. As such, ACEs represent a significant public health issue. This training will assist participants in understanding what ACEs are, as well as their impact on child and adult mental and physical health functioning. Challenges to therapeutic interventions will be presented and current intervention recommendations to support resilience/recovery from ACEs will be discussed.


Responding to Trauma with a Brain-Based Approach

Presented by Michael C. Ritter, MPA, CTCP
Using Bruce Perry’s Brain States Paradigm and 3 R’s as the foundation, participants will learn a variety of practical tools to manage strong emotions and sensations in a brain-based response to trauma. This session will be highly interactive.